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AsTeRICS Academy Assistive Tools

This page gives an overview on the assistive solutions developed or extended in course of the AsTeRICS Academy project. Following the links, you will find user manuals and build guides, configuration software, source code and other associated design files, all provided as open source. For more information about FLipMouse and FABI please read our Guidepost, which gives a brief introduction to these Do-It-Yorself assistive tools and suggested applications for their use with free software for communication, education or entertainment.


AsTeRICSScreenshot of AsTeRICS Configuration Suite

With the Open Source framework AsTeRICS (Assistive Technology Rapid Integration & Construction Set) one can graphically arrange end-user-ready assistive solutions, tailored to individual capabilities and needs. 



AsTeRICS Ergo allows to install an environmental control system easily and without technical background knowledge. Currently it is possible to control power sockets and all devices with an infrared remote control.

FABI - the Flexible Assistive Button InterfaceFABI

The Flexible Assistive Button Interface (FABI) is a microcontroller-based switch interface where up to 9 momentary switches can be attached. It works on any computer with USB HID support (for example on computers running Windows, Linux or Mac). With the provided FabiGUI software application, the function of each switch can be defined, so that pressing the switch will create mouse movement, mouse clicks, keyboard key presses or text input. 


FLipMouse - a low cost DIY special input deviceFLipMouse

The FLipMouse Do-It-Yourself-kit allows control of a computer mouse cursor and typing desired keyboard keys for people who cannot use standard computer input devices. The FLipMouse device can be actuated with minimal finger- or lip-movements and/or sip & puff activities via a dedicated mouthpiece. 


Chordion & FreakyTrickyscreenshot of Freaky Tricky accessible Music interface

The accessible step sequencer "FreakyTricky" and the accessible synthesizer "Choridon" provide comprehensive musical features for the creation of rhythms and harmonic chords with different instruments. These music interfaces can be controlled via EyeTracking or other special input methods.


AsTeRICS for occupational therapyscreenshot of AsTeRICS model Kopf Musik

Occupational therapist Monika Doujak-Pichler, MSc. developed a collection of guides and video tutorials (in German) for occupational therapists. There are four different guides available: for the models "Kopf Musik", "Kopf Musik einfach", "Kopf Schreiben" and "Umweltsteuerung".




The University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien and the AsTeRICS Academy project team do not assume any warranty and liability for the functionality of the "Do-it-Yourself" assistive tools and the correctness of the documents and files provided. Additionally, the UAS TW is not liable for any damages to health due to the use of the Assistive Tools which can be developed with the help of the documents provided. The provided software applications and hardware modules are used at own risk!


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